Viviane in Wonderland

Our vice-president of the European Commission, Viviane Reding is credited with the following quote: “The veto right in the EU council has to be scrapped. Qualified majority voting should be extended to more policy areas, for instance taxation,” Reding said during a debate with citizens in Berlin on Saturday (10 November).

Report on the whole speech: https://euobserver.com/political/118154

It makes you wonder in which wondrous world Mrs Reding is living, or rather, which country she thinks she is representing in the European Commission. Agreed, a commissioner is not supposed to push the agenda of his home country in his mandate at the Commission, but then, he/she does not necessarily have to bury his national interests either. This is like the French commissioner giving up on common agricultural policy or the German on fiscal discipline. In a country as dependent on its financial centre as Luxembourg, which financial centre is in turn heavily dependent on taxation (like it or not), this remark is completely irresponsible. Funny it did not get picked up in the Luxemburger Wort…

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